Team Happy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit. One Mission: Inspire The Next Generation of First Responders.


   Since December 2005, we’ve accomplished the following milestones:
– Volunteered 40,000 service hours toward the rehabilitation of homes in New Orleans;
– Delivered 3,000 emergency blankets to regional shelters as well as hospitals in Haiti;
– Educated 4,000 kids through our signature Youth Preparedness Program;
– Provided 2,000 new THF books to children and families of limited resources;
– Published 4 acclaimed children’s picture books within the juvenile read aloud category;
– Mentored, coached, and sponsored middle school sports teams from 2009 to 2014.
- Co-founded Disaster Prep Academy to train teens as citizen first responders;

Five Program Priorities: (1) mentor 2nd Grade science clubs, (2) provide new books to kids in need, (3) publish children’s literature specifically about hurricane preparedness and wetlands restoration, (4) deliver handmade blankets within distressed communities and (5) lecture on leadership development in the 21st Century. 

Our Purpose is to accelerate Youth Development, Community Resilience and Family LiteracyTeam Happy Foundation produces educational resources, award-winning youth mentoring programs and children’s literature as a framework to enhance community capacity. We partner with schools, faith and community based organizations, prison re-entry departments, foster care agencies, and business leaders. Program resources are provided at no cost to economically disadvantaged institutions in Orleans Parish, including: travel for site visits and instructional material. We believe that a happy child is a child that knows the joy of reading, thus we work hard to spur the imagination through the technique of vibrant storytelling!