Team Happy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit. One Mission: Inspire The Next Generation of First Responders.


   Since December 2005, we’ve accomplished the following milestones:
– Volunteered 45,000 service hours toward the rehabilitation of homes in New Orleans;
– Delivered 3,000 emergency blankets to regional shelters as well as hospitals in Haiti;
– Educated 4,000 kids through our signature Youth Preparedness Program;
– Provided 3,000 new THF books to children and families of limited resources;
– Published 4 acclaimed children’s picture books within the juvenile read aloud category;
– Mentored, coached, and sponsored middle school sports teams from 2009 to 2014.
– Co-founded Disaster Prep Academy to train teens as citizen first responders;

Our Purpose is to accelerate Youth Development, Community Resilience and Family LiteracyTeam Happy Foundation produces educational resources, award-winning youth mentoring programs and children’s literature as a framework to enhance community capacity. We partner with schools, faith and community based organizations, prison re-entry departments, foster care agencies, and business leaders. Program resources are provided at no cost to economically disadvantaged institutions in Orleans Parish, including: travel for site visits and instructional material. We believe that a happy child is a child that knows the joy of reading, thus we work hard to spur the imagination through the technique of vibrant storytelling!

Join Our Team! Join our team as a Youth Mentor, THF Story Time Book Ambassador, Community Hurricane Preparedness Organizer, Prison Workshop Trainer, Research Intern or Graphic Designer: simply email: info@TeamHappy.org to set up a phone interview and to receive a tailored application. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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