Inspiring The Next Generation of First Responders and Wetland Scientists
through cultural literature, education, and public advocacy.


How We Accomplish Our Vision

Founded in 2005, Team Happy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on empowering future leaders. We actively engage the imagination of students to create spaces, literature, and dynamic events that embrace hurricane preparedness and deltaic preservation. Our award-winning model has supported recovery efforts in Haiti, Puerto Rico, and throughout the continental U.S.

Regarding our program priorities, we are Prepared 4 Greatness™

  • 1. Develop community capacity for climate resilience.
  • 2. Design coastal restoration advocacy programs.
  • 3. Deliver eco-friendly humanitarian relief.
  • 4. Donate books to children in distressed areas.

Organizational Highlights & Milestones

THF has been apart of the recovery and renaissance of New Orleans for nearly 14 years. Listening, learning, and leading has afforded us opportunities to build relationships with people in all seventeen wards of the city. We’ve prepared thousands of elementary school students to better understand the powerful connection between structural and non-structural adaptation.

Our team has also held re-entry workshops across the state inside 10 correctional facilities. The THF commitment to increasing diversity within the environmental restoration and emergency management fields remains unwavering. The following are a few ways in which we are creating pathways toward actualizing our mission, purpose, and vision:

* Contributed 50,000 volunteer hours toward the reconstruction of homes.

* Taught 4,000 youth across fifty schools how to build disaster kits and restore wetlands.

* Delivered 3,000 new books and 1,000 new toys to kids affected by weather-related flooding.

* Provided 3,000 emergency blankets to Gulf Coast shelters plus hospitals in the Caribbean.

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We create innovative youth programs on Hurricane Preparedness and Wetland Restoration.

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"Our mission is based on an idea that the imagination of young people can transform conversations about equity, resilience, and sustainability."