Youth Preparedness

WHO: The THF Youth Preparedness Program 
WHAT: Preparing children and parents for natural disasters & emergencies.
WHERE: Orleans Parish Elementary Schools & Beyond

THE NEED Disasters disproportionately affect the most vulnerable members of society, especially children. Low-income families are especially susceptible to disasters because they often live in areas more vulnerable to natural disasters and tend to lack discretionary funds, insurance or reliable transportation. For example, 24.4% of the New Orleans population lives below the federal poverty level; 42.6% of that population is comprised of children ages 5 to 17 years-old (Census). Fun, innovative and meaningful educational programs focused on preparedness can help combat vulnerability: planning prevents panic.

Hurricane Season for Greater New Orleans, Southeast Louisiana and the entire Gulf Coast officially begins June 1st and ends November 30th. The immediate months before and after the official start of Hurricane Season provide an excellent window of opportunity for educators to capture the attention of our city/region, preparing youth for mandatory evacuations or the aftermath of a potentially catastrophic hurricane.


We teach children how to make a family plan, build a safety kit, and stay informed for disasters. Our program includes the book reading of The Adventures of Happy & Big Wanda, which serves as the curriculum core, underscoring: time management, financial literacy and environmental sustainability. We incorporate interactive activities to facilitate learning: coloring sections of important survival items, disaster kit checklist, word search and fill in the blank. Students take home individual worksheets: Safety Activity Page and also recite the Safety Pledge, making a personal commitment to encourage their family and peers to become better prepared for disasters.

The Youth Preparedness Program is an applied-research disaster readiness program primarily for children age 6 to 12; it is effective because we inspire motivated learning through active involvement and meaningful activities in concert with Louisiana’s Grade Level Expectations (GLEs). Our vision: we believe every child can gain value in learning how to be prepared; State of Louisiana Certificate.

TODAY Our team has educated and inspired more than 4,000 students about disaster safety in 30 schools across seven U.S. cities. Program resources are provided at no cost to participating schools and educators, including: local travel for site visits, instructions and materials used to teach lessons (Book & Safety Activity Page).


We would love to visit your school! Contact us: or (504)315.5084

PDF: About The YPP
PDF: The Safety Pledge
PDF: About The Book
PDF: Book Order Form

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