Disaster Prep & Parish Pride Day!

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Big Wanda’s Mobile Clothing Unit
Description: Big Wanda, the name of the rusty old pick-up truck fueled by vegetable oil, will make a special delivery to school children displaced by Hurricane Isaac.
Event Subtitle: Disaster Prep and Parish Pride Day!

Parish: St. John The Baptist
Elementary School Name: Fifth Ward
Date: Friday, December 7, 2012
Time: 130PM – 3PM
Pictures: Click to view our visit: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.283127421790024.46071.270407419728691&type=1&l=1998f7239b

School Space: Cafeteria Assembly
Newly Enrolled Fifth Ward Students Displaced By Hurricane Isaac: 100
School Grades Impacted: 2nd/3rd/4th
Total Gifts For Students: 100

Gifts on Big Wanda’s Mobile Clothing Unit

– Each student will receive “My First Disaster Kit,” which is a reusable/recycled bag.
– “My First Disaster Kit” is specifically designated to hold emergency comfort items for kids.
“My First Disaster Kit” was donated by Rouses Grocery Store.
– “My First Disaster Kit” was artistically redesigned by Orleans Parish elementary students at Gentilly Terrace Charter School.

– Each student will receive a combination of the following items:
– New THF emergency blankets;
School Supply Kit (Markers, and Folders) donated by Dinerral Shavers Educational Fund;
– First Aid Kits;
– Two-sided color prints of the THF Safety Activity Page;
– Two-sided color prints of the THF Wetland Warrior Worksheet;
– Non-perishable canned goods;
– Handwritten cards of love from Orleans Parish elementary students;

100 total students (2nd/3rd/4th graders) displaced from Lake Pontchartrain Elementary are now attending Fifth Ward Elementary. Lake Pontchartrain Elementary received about a foot and a half of water; students have been reassigned among five St. John the Baptist campuses.

Natural disasters are costly, especially for families struggling without consistent access to reliable transportation.

Asset Poverty is defined as not having the financial means to support a household (of three) for three months at the federal poverty level ($4,632) if the primary source of income were lost or disrupted due to an unexpected crisis. 29% of the NOLA Metro Area is living in asset poverty, which includes residents of St. John the Baptist Parish; this number is higher for residents of color living in the NOLA Metro Area.

Previous research demonstrates that severe natural disasters can result in increased signs of stress, fear, anxiety, and hopelessness in children, especially for children who constantly live in areas with high levels of hurricane/tropical storm activity.

The THF Mission is unique, vital and needed. Many children may experience some type of symptoms of PTSD following a disaster, like difficulty feeling positive emotions. Elementary school children may experience a wide variety of other behavioral and emotional symptoms following a disaster, like depressive symptoms and school difficulties. School Pride and Disaster Prep Day will reinforce positive affirmations about the Parish, Fifth Ward school and educate/empower youth to be ready for the next disaster.

Big Wanda’s Mobile Clothing Unit will deliver happyness by providing “Disaster Kit” gifts and cards of love. This Hurricane Isaac Relief Initiative will underscore two additional messages for kids: (1) through teamwork, together we can accomplish small things with great love; (2) consider our environment and make it a priority to use renewable material when building your family disaster kit.

Why St. John?
Isaac’s damage stretched across homes in 21 parishes, with the largest number of damaged properties in Jefferson, Orleans and St. John the Baptist parishes. Isaac harmed nearly 13,000 homes in Jefferson Parish, about 9,800 homes in New Orleans and 6,900 homes in St. John. But the storm’s harm was harshest in St. John the Baptist Parish, where nearly one in four of the owner-occupied houses hit by Isaac had damage topping $20,000, according to the parish-by-parish data released by the state emergency preparedness office.

Research Sources: La Greca, Annotte M. September 2001. FSU Center for Prevention and Early Intervention Policy; 2012 CFED Asset and Opportunity Report; The Times-Picayune.

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