We Inspire The Next Generation of First Responders and Wetland Scientists
through books, humanitarian relief, and environmental stewardship.
Team Happy Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the Lower 9th Ward.
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Volunteered 45,000 hours rebuilding homes in New Orleans.

Donated 3,150 new THF books to children in-need.

Taught 4,100 youth at 50 schools how to build a disaster kit and champion the restoration of wetlands.

Delivered 3,000 emergency blankets to regional shelters as well as hospitals in Haiti - where we sponsor a family.

Trained 3,600 Louisiana inmates on Civil Rights & Re-entry.

Supported NOLA middle school sports teams (2009-2014).

The Mission & Purpose of Our Organization:

Since 2005, we have had one mission: to inspire the next generation of first responders and wetland scientists through education, literacy, and advocacy. We believe that youth can help create a future that more actively embraces hurricane preparedness and environmental stewardship. Our team of invaluable volunteers help implement the following educational program priorities:

  • 1. Donate books to kids in-need.
  • 2. Demonstrate how to prepare for natural disasters.
  • 3. Develop coastal restoration advocates.
  • 4. Deliver humanitarian relief to distressed communities.
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Awards For Community Service and Leadership:

1 in 3 Louisiana prisoners reads below a fifth-grade level. Among black men from New Orleans, 1 in 7 is either in prison, on parole or on probation. Research from the Center for Improvement of Early Reading Achievement states that "access to books is the most significant barrier to literacy development." Team Happy Foundation, in collaboration with community partners, is committed to learning from our work inside jail cells and inside middle school classrooms. Our efforts have been recognized by the following:

  • Gambit News 40 under 40
  • New Orleans Magazine People to Watch
  • Kiwanis Club Humanitarian of the Year
  • FEMA National Achievement Award Finalist
  • W.K. Kellogg Foundation Community Leadership Fellowship
  • A Community Voice Hurricane Katrina Heroes Award
  • Alliance For Good Government Civic Leader of the Year
  • American History textbook: "Civics Today: Citizenship, Economics & You"
  • 125th Anniversary American Red Cross Publication
  • Esquire Magazine, BBC World News
  • USA Today, The Louisiana Weekly

A donation to Team Happy Foundation is an investment for the future of New Orleans.

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Team Happy Foundation has published 4 awesome children's books.
For every book you purchase - we donate an age-appropriate book to a child in need.

THF = award-winning educational programs on Humanitarian Relief and Environmental Stewardship!


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