Blanket Haiti

Team Happy has provided 1,000 new blankets to orphanages and hospitals in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

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Youth Development

Inspiring The Next Generation: THF has prepared thousands of youth with storm readiness skills.

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Community Resilience

Engaging President Obama and other civic leaders on the importance of coastal restoration.

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Family Literacy

June starts Hurricane Season: THF and partners annually award 500 new books to children in need.

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Leadership Speaker

"Dynamic speech. Mr. Happy Johnson challenged us to embrace the power of love, education, and our civic role."

Youth Preparedness

THF has equipped 4,000 children with storm preparedness skills and safety supplies in New Orleans schools and beyond.

Coastal Restoration

We connect the importance of wetlands restoration to family preparedness. Subscribe: receive our monthly newsletter updates!

Mission & Purpose

Team Happy Foundation excels community resilience, youth development, & family literacy. Join the team!

We should challenge each other to embrace our interconnected humanity. Through collective impact and new thought leadership, we must work harder to support children and families of limited resources. Wherever there is an opportunity to live a life of comfort, there is the responsibility to lead a life of compassion. - CEO of Team Happy Foundation